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Leadership Roundup

Leading worship isn’t just about music. It’s also about leading people: the people on your team and the people in your congregation.

There are so many great articles on leadership being posted online, and I’m finding new ones every week. So that means it’s time for this week’s Leadership Roundup.

Below you’ll find some of the best leadership resources I came across this week. Save them to Instapaper or Pocket or Read It Later or your bookmarks, and check them out when you have some time this weekend. Be challenged and be encouraged. Be a better leader.

Remember, these are just excerpts, but I strongly encourage you to click through and read each post in its entirety.

Joseph Lalonde shares a powerful leadership lesson from the parable of the talents:

Having spent a lot of time working in the church, I’ve become intimately familiar with the story of the hard driving master and the talents he gave to his servants… I want to take a look at this piece of scripture in a different light. One that leaders can learn how to lead better. Let’s take a look at the men who were given talents…

Michael Lukaszewski identifies the three numbers (or maybe four depending how you count) that every leader should be focusing on:

Sure, you can oversimplify this rule. It doesn’t apply to sports and you can practice the wrong way, but the idea here is powerful.

Talent and skill are important, but so is putting in the hard work. The Beatles were born talented, but they also put in a lot of time and paid their dues. If you’re going to get good at anything, it’s going to require a ton of practice…

Joshua Reich explains why leadership and whining are not a good combination:

If you get a group of pastors together in a room, or leaders of ministry teams, you will often hear complaints. Complaints about working with certain volunteers or staff members, budget cuts, financial difficulties, recruiting or simply the pace and difficulty of ministry and leadership.

This is a good and appropriate place to share those things.

Often, though, I’ll hear pastors or ministry leaders share these same complaints with their churches or people who are not in leadership…

Jared Brock lists five words that leaders should use more:

We attend board meetings, sit on committees, make speeches, run breakout groups. Some of us do speaking tours, others do counselling sessions. We preach Sunday sermons, and share our stories with friends and strangers alike. We cast a vision, share the strategy, and lead the way. Leaders communicate.

The Bible makes it pretty clear that communication is important – saying that we need to guard our tongues, and that if we talk too much, sin is bound to pop up. We need to cultivate a vocabulary that reflects our values. In doing so, we must learn a few words that seldom appear in the average leader’s lexicon…

On the flip side of that, Zoe Anderson lists some phrases that good leaders should avoid at all costs:

Words have power. Just ask any successful leader. Whether in business, politics, or life, the right words can open the doors of opportunity, while the wrong words can get that same door slammed in your face.

With this list of phrases that you will never hear a successful leader use, you can benefit from the wisdom of others and avoid having the doors of opportunity and success closed to you.

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