Living To Fail Another Day

We have all have our war stories about making mistakes while leading worship. Brittany Moultrop shares hers, and explains why you shouldn’t beat yourself up when you mess up on the platform:

When I heard the chorus did NOT fade, I immediately knew it was headed toward a train wreck. People noticed… but it wasn’t like they all lined up against a wall and took turns laughing and spitting at me!

You see, worship really happened that day. And although people noticed the abrupt song, they don’t remember that! They remember the worship and the sermon!

But guess what? I’m human! It happens. Someone will always need you at the last second before a service and you don’t get that final check.

No use beating yourself up about it.

Failures aren’t forever failures.

Read the whole thing here. Then show yourself some grace and live to fail another day.

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