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Modern Worship And The Apple Event

No, this isn’t a post about the Cult of Mac or the Church of Apple or anything.

Look around any modern church service and you’ll see technology being used – and sometimes abused. We can either use technology to honor God or to draw away from Him.

Tinashe Nyamukapa watched the big Apple Event yesterday and had some thoughts about technology and worship:

Yesterday I watched the Apple Event live from my phone. There was quite a lot of hype on the internet regarding this event as people were looking forward to what innovations Apple has in store for us… My aim in this post is not to highlight what happened at the Apple Event but to use that as a pedestal to talk about how we can take advantage of the innovations and advances in technology in our worship of God to bring him the glory and honor that he so rightly deserves.

Tinashe lists several ways that we can use modern technology to enhance and enrich our worship experience. Check it out here.

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