Pastoral, Not Pragmatic

There’s nothing wrong with making changes to the way we worship, but as Zac Hicks points out, we need to have the right motives and reasons:

Just think about it. Chances are, you and I are all culpable in the shift of motivations: Whereas once worship was changed for pastoral reasons, now it is largely changed for pragmatic reasons. We do things differently because those new practices “work” better than the old ones. And the evangelical return back to more overtly liturgical forms of worship betrays that we are becoming aware of not just something deficient about all those changes, but actually mal-formative. Something in all the changes of our worship practices has begun to take its toll on us as a worshiping community.

Hear me out. I am not decrying all the changes we’ve made. Nor am I decrying the fact that we’ve made changes. Changes aren’t the problem. Again, it’s the “Why.” Why are we making these changes?

Great thoughts on leading worship from a pastoral point of view instead of a practical one. Check out the full post here.

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