Review: City Bridge Worship

City Bridge Worship is a modern worship band whose members are representatives of various ministries throughout New York City. City Bridge Worship has recently debuted their first EP, City Bridge Worship, which is comprised of five original songs.


The original songs by the band offer listeners a mix of different music styles from songs that have a rock feel to songs with a more contemporary worship feel. The variety of songs show the band’s talent and ability to mesh Christian worship lyrics with a more modern music style.

The band’s song, “Made to Worship”, is a nice collaboration of “rockier” music with lyrics that have a deep Christian message. The song’s faster tempo creates an atmosphere that will most likely make the listener want to get up and dance for the Lord; the beat drives the excitement and the lyrics are a great proclamation to Christ.


All five songs contain great guitar riffs, strong beats, and lyrics that go far beyond the surface. The song, “We Long For”, is a powerful song that declares that we long for God. The bridge – “We are a city on our knees, crying out to God almighty” – is a phrase that the church can easily sing out and declare over their city and church.

If you or your church is looking for worship songs with a modern edge that still contain lyrics that are deep and powerful, City Bridge Worship is a band to listen to. Their debut EP City Bridge Worship is available on Spotify for streaming and for purchase on Amazon. The band is also on Facebook and YouTube.


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