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Review: Land – Tree63

I’m going to be honest: until recently, the only Tree63 song I had in my music library was their cover of “Blessed Be Your Name” from 2004 (which I’ve long considered the definitive version of the Matt Redman song). I guess you could say I wasn’t a diehard Tree63 fan. In fact, I actually wasn’t even aware that they had all stepped away from the band a few years ago.

So when I started listening to their latest release – Land – I wasn’t sure what to expect. The album was financed by a Kickstarter campaign, and that usually means the result is unbelievably awesome or kind of embarrassing. I’m pleased to say that this is one of those times that it all turned out well.

Land Cover

I was hooked from the first track, “Alive,” which starts with a squirmy, shimmery guitar line that gives way to the full band after a few bars.

But the highlight track for me was definitely “Standing On It,” with a driving retro sound that underlines the assurance found in its lyrics:

Another standout was “If God.” With its huge chorus and repeated “woah-ohs,” this one is custom made for a big singalong.

Overall, this is a triumphant return for the South African band. Land releases on September 11.

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