Review: #LETSGO – Planetshakers

It always amazes me how much music can affect your emotions. From the opening strains of “LETSGO” from the new Planetshakers album of the same name, you can feel that something special is about to happen.

It’s an opening that sets the tone for a powerful, engaging, live worship set. The title track kicks things off with a bang, and a bit of synth. But about a minute later, the chorus arrives, bringing with it just a touch of funk. I didn’t expect it, but I liked it.


The album is a great mix of congregation-friendly worship songs and performance-oriented songs. It’s pretty easy to imagine an excited church raising their hands to chant along with “You, You, You!” on “Nobody Like You.” And it’s just as easy to picture them singing along on “Stepping In,” an intimate ballad that features one of my favorite lyrics from the album: “I lean into Your love.” It’s easy to sing and easy to follow.

Planetshakers Band

On the performance side, check out “Born To Praise,” which embraces its pop sound with very cool syncopation. And if you play music at all, you can’t help but have massive respect for the bass player after listening to that one.

The album closes out with “I Just Want You,” a quiet number with simple but sweet guitar work.

With a healthy blend of performance and congregational songs, #LETSGO is one you should add to your library. #LETSGO is available at iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play.

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