Review: We Are – The City Harmonic

A few years ago, I downloaded All About Worship Collective Two and was almost immediately blown away by the opening track: “Manifesto” by The City Harmonic. I remember thinking that they didn’t sound like anyone else on the worship scene. Their sound was powerful and confident and huge. And I would use those three words to describe their latest release: We Are.

The City Harmonic

Their beards may be longer these days, but they still play with that same energy and spirit.

The album kicks off with “We Are One,” which features a killer piano intro that’s instantly recognizable as The City Harmonic:

Another standout track is “Solid Rock,” a total reimagining of the classic hymn for a modern age.

From the HUGE chorus of “Maranatha” to the quiet, contemplative “Still And Small,” this is a versatile album that should be in every worship leader’s arsenal.

We Are is available at iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play.

The City Harmonic: We Are

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