Stuck In A Rut

Tony Morgan says that a lot of church services have grown stale, and some of the blame for that lies at the feet of the worship leader:

Recently I mentioned the consistent theme I’m discovering with churches. It has to do with Sunday services. Churches generally tend to agree that their services are executed well. The challenge is that the services end up being very predictable and, therefore, not as engaging.

How do churches end up in this situation? Obviously, every church is different, but here are several challenges that compound the predictability factor.

Tony lists nine common ways that churches let their services and program grow stagnant. Here’s an example:

Every church becomes traditional–the traditions just look different from church to church.

Those of us in modern churches tend to chide the traditional church because they’re still holding on to the methods they used in the 1950s. The reality, though, is that it doesn’t take long for every church to become traditional. This is the danger with any method that generated success in the past. If the method worked and then it gets repeated, it will eventually be worshipped. That’s how traditions start.

Check out the whole thing here. Good food for thought.

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