Worship Team

Teams Versus Bands

Petri Nauha on the difference between a worship team and a worship band:

There are many great worship bands that tour and record albums to spread the gospel, and many small churches that lead worship with very few people in their teams. Both bring much glory to God, but I’m sometimes amazed when some big churches in urban areas with over 1,000 attendees have the same worship team with only 5-6 people on stage every Sunday. It seems like a physical impossibility to not have a bigger team, but after thinking about it I’ve realized they might have fallen prey to a mentality of a worship band instead of a worship team. Secular bands are content with 3-6 members and can work efficiently to create a commercially viable entity to become famous and make lots of money for their record label and themselves, but those things should not motivate us. How then do we end up thinking this model would work for Sunday worship?

Having been in several bands and several worship teams, I agree that they’re not the same thing at all. Petri does a great job explaining the functional and motivational differences between worship bands and worship teams. Read the whole thing here.

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