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Ten Ways For The Congregation To Have A Better Worship Experience

Rich Kirkpatrick lists ten things the congregation can do to have an awesome worship experience:

If you are an avid worshiper of Christ and attend church on a regular basis, you probably already know what a fantastic worship experience is to you, right? Or, maybe you don’t attend church as often as you might because your past worship experiences never hit the mark. Having been to church more than many, I see the gamut and know that even when one person is soaring in their version of a worship service, another may be unaffected. There are many factors that contribute to why there is so much disparity, but I think I found ten reasons that will aid you in your experience of worship. I hope these help you!

Here’s a good one:

Own the issue
The worship team might be off-key or unprepared on a particular weekend. Maybe the pastor repeated a sermon he preached six times in the past four years. The building may be too cold in the winter or too warm in the summer. Blame shifting to your leaders or even the building is not an excuse. Sure, it does not help to have terrible leadership if that is the case. Taking ownership may open you up to experience the presence of God.

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