The Burst Of Inspiration Won’t Always Arrive

Jordan Kauflin on the hard and long work of songwriting (for worship or otherwise):

He related a principle to me (he couldn’t remember where he heard it) that I’ve found helpful as I consider faithfulness in writing songs. He said what typically compels an artist to begin to create something is some burst of inspiration. It could be a theme, a truth, an emotion, a picture, whatever. Their task then is to recreate that feeling or thought in a way that allows others to experience it as well. Most of the time, especially when we are first beginning in our craft, we stink at this. The amazing picture we had in our mind doesn’t quite make its way to the canvas in front of us. The glorious truth that so strongly affected us somehow doesn’t seem quite as earth-shattering when we write a song about it. The feeling of awe and wonder dissipates as we read what we have just written. The process of closing the gap between what we imagine or experience and what we actually create, he told me, is where discipline comes in.

Jordan also shares some great ways to improve your songwriting. Check out the full post here.

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