The Frequency Of Communion

Marc Brown discusses how frequently we should partake in the Lord’s Supper:

My story makes the point that the value we place on something is based on it’s meaning. We will craft our daily and weekly schedule to accommodate the things we treasure. However, when change comes into our lives, we will be tempted to surrender the things value, trading them for something that seems more necessary…more meaningful.

Something all Christians agree on as being meaningful is the Lord’s Supper…

My purpose is not to promote one of the many interpretations different Christian traditions have ascribed to the Lord’s Supper. Instead, I am making the point that whatever way a church understands the meaning of the Lord’s Supper should lead them to intentionality and purpose with regard to the timing and frequency of the Lord’s Supper.

Does having communion too often reduce its importance or emphasize it? What do you think?

Read Marc’s full post here.

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