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The High Calling Of Art In The Church

Karl Vaters on the need for more artists (and maybe fewer managers) in the modern church:

I wish there were more artists in the church.

No, not painters and sculptors. Actually, yes, those too.

Mostly I wish there were more church leaders who saw the art in their ministry.

Church leaders who put the same kind of passion and creativity into their calling that artists put into their craft.

Instead of learning from artists, most of our church leadership teaching in the last forty years has taken its cue from managers, CEOs and salespeople.

Not that we can’t learn a lot from them. I know I have. Good management is certainly a big part of biblical leadership and stewardship.

But we’ve been managing ourselves to death – or at least irrelevance – in much of the western church world.

As worship leaders, we have the privilege of using our art to lead God’s people in bringing Him praise. That’s incredible when you think about it.

Read Karl’s full post here.

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