The Worship Leader’s Sabbath

David Manner on the need for worship leaders (and other ministry workers) to take a break and rest regularly:

Sunday is the day designated each week by most congregations as the Sabbath or day of rest. As a worship leader, your Sabbath has evolved into a day full of services, rehearsals and meetings. At the end of the day your spiritual, emotional, mental and physical resources are usually completely depleted.

Someone once said that Sunday for those in ministry is like giving birth only to realize on Monday morning that you are pregnant again. So since Sunday is obviously not a Sabbath for you, when are you taking one? Maybe the more telling question is are you taking one? If not, how can you expect to lead people to a place you no longer have the stamina to go yourself?

Worship leader, are you finding time to rest or are you running on empty?

Read David’s full post here. It’s a good reminder that you can burn out even when you’re doing something you love.

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