What Your Pastor Wants You To Know

Bob Kauflin shares twelve things that every pastor wants their worship leader to know, and there is a lot of good stuff here.

For example:

Prayers are corporate conversations with God, not filler.
Don’t pray simply because you feel awkward or don’t know what else to do.
Use your prayers to speak for the congregation, not just yourself.
Model what theologically informed, engaged, Christ-exalting prayer looks like.
Don’t mix up the members of the Trinity, and don’t pray as though God has forgotten his name.

Here’s another good one:

Don’t teach us so many new songs that we never learn them and so few new songs that we fail to benefit from them.
Learning about two songs every three months is doable. Learning 4 songs a month isn’t.
We have access to more songs more immediately than any time in history. Teach us the ones that we will feed our souls for more than a few weeks.
The goal is to serve not impress.

Read the whole thing here. Tons of great advice and insights for worship leaders.

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