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Why Context Is Crucial

Graham Kendrick explains why it’s essential to understand your church’s context before adding a new song to the mix:

“We have a culture of sourcing worship songs from YouTube, where many of them have been filmed at big events, in front of thousands of people, with great lights and a concert setting. There’s nothing wrong with these songs, and the settings in which they are recorded. But we have to understand about context; we can enjoy watching those videos but we have to learn how to determine whether they will work in our local context with our numbers, our mixed age group and our resources. The truth is that quite a few will work brilliantly in those settings. But a lot will not.”

So how do you work out whether a song that makes our heart beat faster when we see it on our screen will not turn our local church to stone when we unload it on a Sunday morning?

He goes on to list some essential things to look for in a good congregational song. Check out the whole thing here.

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