Why We Should Sing New Songs

No matter what style of worship your church prefers, Jonathan Aigner explains why you should be singing new songs:

The false dichotomy of worship that fractures and divides our churches into “traditional” and “contemporary” worshiping bodies has pitted old against new. This is detrimental in a multitude of ways, not the least of which is our congregational singing. I’ve talked at length about why we should be singing old songs. Here are a few reasons why we should be singing new songs, as well.

Jonathan lists eight reasons we should always be adding new songs to our worship catalogs. I loved this one:

Gathered worship is not a get-all-your-blue-haired-friends-together-and-sing-the-old-favorites-hour. Traditional worship, back before it needed to be called “traditional,” always featured new songs. One of the lies of the contemporary worship movement is that worship is a homogeneous, exclusive endeavor that targets a specific generation. “Traditional” worship is for older people, “contemporary” is for everyone else. This mindset is killing the church. A worship service that only features old favorites (or current hits) is simply doing it wrong. Call it a sing-along. Call it fellowship. Just don’t call it corporate worship.

That nostalgia can strike any generation, any style, any time. Whenever worship starts being about the songs we love (old, new, or anything in between), it stops being worship.

Click here for the whole list.

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