Worship Ministry And Football

Jed Smith on the similarities between worship ministry and everybody’s (well, some people’s) favorite fall sport:

Right now, it’s August and the wait to watch the Green Bay Packers take on the rest of the league is killing me.

As part of my coping mechanism, we’re going to look at different ways football and worship ministry resemble each other. Hopefully I won’t lose my mind and hopefully you will learn something about football and worship ministry.

Here’s a sample:


An NFL team doesn’t have just one coach. NFL teams can have as few as 15 and as many as 24.

There is the head coach, offensive and defensive coordinators, wide receiver coaches, running back coaches, secondary coaches, etc.

In order for a NFL football player to reach his full potential on the field, he needs good coaching off the field.

The musicians in your team are the same way. To set them up for success they’ll need some coaching.

Sometimes you can coach to your entire team at once. You can talk about things that are applicable to your drummers, your vocalists, and everyone in between. You can go over values and broad ideas that are applicable to everyone.

Jed lists a total of six lessons that worship leaders can learn from football. Check it out here.

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