Attracting High-Quality Volunteers

We’re often tempted to lower the bar in an effort to attract more volunteers, but Kade Young explains why we may need to hold church volunteers to a higher standard than we normally do:

In church, when a volunteer underperforms, we often write it off saying something like, “Well, it’s not like they are paid staff…they are just volunteers.” I have been in many leadership meetings where this is the ‘cop out’ to the problem at hand. After all, it is an easy statement to agree with.

But, before we take the easy way out, let’s think about what is really being said here. You could easily replace the phrase ‘they are just volunteers’ with ‘they are just serving God’… brings a new perspective, doesn’t it?

The main problem with this type of thinking is that when you expect less, you get less. You are effectively inspiring volunteers to be lazy when serving God. In other words, you are teaching that you should only give your best effort when a paycheck is to follow.

So, how do we inspire and attract the best volunteers?

He goes on to list four ways that your worship ministry can attract high-quality, high-performing volunteers. Check it out here.

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