Attracting Musicians

I rarely hear from worship leaders who have a surplus of talented, dedicated musicians. It’s almost always the opposite.

Mike O’Brien shares five (actually, eight) tips on attracting quality musicians and building up your team:

Let’s face it, getting a team of musicians to show up to church and play music at 8AM on a Sunday can be a challenge. Usually there is sub-par monitoring, messy stages and lots of mind numbing songs to boot. Sometimes there are a series of unclear religious rules for stage and life we have to follow. Musicians can be under challenged or over challenged. We just can’t seem to convince people it’s worth it! For years I struggled as a worship leader making it happen every week. About 10 years ago we made some significant changes in our worship culture. Now, in our church (125-175 attendance) we have 4 bands, 4 sound techs, 6 main stage worship leaders, and waiting lists for all positions. It’s a wonderful blessing! Here are 5 quick hacks for attracting (and keeping) quality volunteer musicians at your church…

This one is great:

Consider offering one or more weeks of FREE 101 drum and guitar lessons after church. Worst case, you will be planting seeds for the future – best case, someone will probably show up you had no idea already played. People are loyal to the ones who teach them. Don’t forget the 12-20 year old demographic hiding in your church, they have tons of time and are better than you think. We have a ninth grade home schooler that shreds a Hammond B3 organ, a sixth grader playing percussion and retired dudes on bass.

Awesome idea! Click here to read the rest.

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