Avoiding The Comparison Trap

How often do you compare yourself to other worship leaders? I’ve certainly been guilty of it.

It can be envious: I could do a service like that if I were full time. And it can be prideful: He’s not playing that song as well as I can.

But either way, it’s wrong. God created and gifted each of us uniquely, and we should use that uniqueness for His glory, not for needlessly comparing ourselves with others.

Laura Blankenship writes:

We ALL feel it…

That little pang in your gut when the girl 10 years your junior opens her mouth to sing and her voice is everything yours isn’t.

The tiny sinking sensation you try to suppress when you read about that “unknown” worship leader who is all of a sudden very “known”.

Laura also shares four things you can do when you feel compelled to compare yourself to someone else. Check out the whole thing here.

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