But We’ve Always Done It That Way!

Kevin Kruse tells about a time that changing music hit someone in his congregation pretty hard:

… on this particular Sunday, the song was close enough but different enough where it became very difficult for this gentleman to accept. His memory of the hymn had been tainted by what he felt was a drastic change to a hymn that he dearly loved. And this… this was another reminder to me that change can be hard.

I think we all understand that change is difficult, and I’m sure each of us have dealt with change on some level or another. But in that moment, I realized I had a role and a responsibility as a Worship Pastor to help navigate the path of change for this gentleman. Because let’s be honest: as Worship Pastors there’s a good deal of change that takes place all the time.

Kevin shares three ways to help your congregation navigate change in an ever-changing environment. Definitely worth checking out. Read the whole thing here.

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