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Don’t Neglect The Most Important Thing

Cliff Lambert on leading worship, broken dreams, and wearing too many hats:

When I first started in worship ministry leadership I had the gross misconception that I would have the opportunity to continually bask in the presence of Jesus, listening to and making worship music 24/7. “This is the LIFE!” I thought. I just knew that I was going to be so filled up with God that every Sunday would overflow with His presence and people would be moved to clap, sing, shout, repent and get saved every week! (We’ll maybe not every week). Within a month, my hopes were shattered as I began to realize the myriad of responsibilities that would consume my thoughts and activity. I became a trouble-shooter, equipment-researcher, team-builder, people-scheduler, chart-maker, volunteer-recruiter, vision-caster, budget-maker, project-manager, service-producer, production-analyzer, and pastor. At the time, it never dawned on me that taking care of all of the administrative responsibilities of ministry was the reason people weren’t responding in worship like I had expected.

My wife could see my frustration and asked me a simple question… “Are you spending time with God?”

Cliff lists three essential ways for worship leaders (and everyone) to stay connected to God. Read the whole thing here.

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