Excuses For Failing To Worship

Tod Huston reminds us that while we should hold worship teams to high standards, we can’t blame them, or the production values, or the lack thereof, if we don’t feel like we’ve connected with God:

Certainly a large quantity of unknown songs, songs and worship elements poorly executed, technology that is faulty and disconnected from worship elements or less than dynamic leadership can and does have legitimate impact on people. Sadly though, I have and many other Christ-followers have gotten stuck on these kinds of questions and issues. If we are not careful they become excuses for failing to worship. We seem to say to God “I am sorry I just couldn’t/didn’t really worship you today because__________… You fill in the blank. We have made mountains out of mole hills. We have perhaps put the cart before horse when it comes to understanding, evaluating and most importantly engaging in worship.

What happens on stage is secondary to what happens in our hearts. Read Tod’s full post here.

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