Fight The Right War

Fighting over musical styles is shortsighted and kind of dumb. But there is a worship war worth fighting.

Sam Parkison writes:

This is the sort of war that often concludes with a split church; either by some members leaving altogether, or by starting their own churches within the same building (we call them “traditional” and “contemporary” services). Of course, I may be exaggerating a bit in the above description (though, only a bit); but the point needs to be made: this kind of worship war is a disgrace to the church. It is dishonoring to God.

However, there is a right kind of “worship war,” a kind that every Christian–and particularly, those who are leaders in the church–should be engaging in on a daily basis. I’m talking about a daily war on sin.

Sam explains that a lot of our sin issues really come down to misplaced worship. He also shares how to fight a war like this in an ongoing manner. Read the whole thing here.

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