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Finding The Right Key

I’ve joked before that Chris Tomlin has superpowers – not many people can sing as high as some of his worship songs go. And it’s not just Tomlin: a lot of modern worship songs are keyed for the artist, not for a congregation. But for some reason, some worship leaders insist on being faithful to the original key of the songs they choose.

Luke Woodard shares why it can be bad idea to stick with a song’s original key all the time:

In a previous post, we discussed the current wealth of worship music playing on the radio and the pressure that may put on local church music ministry. And that pressure to sound as good as the recording artist can lead us to another crucial error: singing the song in the wrong key.

What is the wrong key? More often than not, it’s the key on the radio.

This is something I’ve tried to be very sensitive to over my years leading worship. Maybe it’s because I’m a baritone.

Luke even takes the top three songs on CCLI’s chart and shows you a good congregational key for each. Read the rest here.

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