Fixing The Welcome

Those of us that plan and execute worship services know there are a couple of spots that can really derail everything. The Welcome is one of them. Chris Denning explains one way to make the Welcome better:

The Welcome has a tendency, most times, to suck the energy right out of the room. It can break any momentum you’ve built in the first minutes of the service and put you in a hole as you want to really start pulling people in. However, we found a solution that has been working to keep the energy up during the welcome and to ease our transitions into and out of it:

Have the Band Play Behind the Welcome.

Essentially, we’ve been having the band play in the background while the host is leading the welcome. They aren’t playing a song or even playing at full band strength, but they are providing a nice bed of music as the backdrop for the welcome.

Chris also shares a couple tips for having the band play during the Welcome. Check it out here.

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