For Joy And From Joy

Joel Limpic explains two of the very different ways we can approach singing in worship:

How do you approach worship on a Sunday? What draws you to sing and engage physically during the church’s gathered times of singing? Do you wait for a particular feeling to sing? Do you refuse to lift your hands until you feel moved by an emotion? Psalm 81:1 commands us to “sing for joy.” How does this command play itself out practically in our worlds, particularly when we feel joyless? I want to propose that to fully embrace this command, we must learn two sing in two ways: from affection and for affection.

Sometimes we’re so overwhelmed that we feel compelled to sing, but there are times when that doesn’t happen. When we’re not feeling it, we need to sing anyway. As Joel writes:

First, just because we may not “feel” a particular truth doesn’t somehow make that truth less true or worthy of celebrating. Second, simply because we may not be in a particular mood, we underestimate the role of our bodies when it comes to our affections. We are not Gnostics; what we do with our bodies matter! It’s precisely because we’re not feeling anything that we must sing…

Great post. Check out the whole thing here.

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