From The Worship Leader To The Pastor

Last week I linked to an excellent post by Bob Kauflin about what pastors wished their worship leaders knew. This week, he’s flipped the script and shared eleven things that worship leaders would like to tell their pastors:

A few introductory thoughts. If you’re a congregational worship leader (music minister, song leader, music guy, etc.) you should do whatever you can to express support, encouragement, and gratefulness for your pastor. Encouragement is oxygen to the soul, and “sweetness of speech increases persuasiveness” (Prov. 16:21).

Also, posts like these won’t apply to every church situation. This is meant to be a conversation starter, not everything that can be said. And if you’re the one who leads the music in your church, you might not be in the place some of these points assume you are…

I loved this one (and I’ve been blessed to serve under some pastors who set a great example in this area):

Your example and engagement when we sing says volumes not only about your support of me, but about your heart to praise God with the church.
It doesn’t look good to anyone when you regularly use the singing time to review your sermon notes, check your email, or look distracted.
Humanly speaking, you are the lead worshiper of the congregation. People rarely rise above the example of the pastor.

A lot these items underline why it’s so important to have good communication and a healthy relationship between the pastor and the worship leader.

Read the whole thing here. Highly recommended reading.

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