Knowing God In The Stillness

One thing I’m really not good at is resting and taking a break from being busy. I have a lot going on and I like to stay occupied. But God commands us to rest. I remember seeing a quote (I can’t remember the source) that says if you don’t work, you’re lazy, but if you don’t rest, you’re disobedient.

Pamela Haddix reminds us of one vital reason that we need to stop and be still once in a while:

We struggle to take our eyes off of our man-made devices to talk with another God-made person sitting in the same room, eating at the same table. And the pace of life screams, “Do it now, or miss out!” We live in a time when we have to fight hard to have focus, attention, and contemplation – even if we don’t have ADD.

So it’s no wonder that the God who created us firmly and lovingly says, “Stop.” Be Still. Not just physically, but we must fight to still the heart, mind, and soul as well. Why? In order to “know that I am God” (Psalm 46:10).

Read the whole thing here. It’s a good reminder of the blessings we can miss when we never stop to be still.

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