NoiseTrade Roundup 10.21.2015

There’s always lots of good worship music on NoiseTrade, and more is being added all the time. Here’s our weekly roundup of the newest worship music available on NoiseTrade.

What great worship music have you found on NoiseTrade lately?


Sing Love – Your Love Is Everything – Single

Full of life, energy and an upbeat powerpop drive, Your Love is Everything is a joy-filled expression of the love that no person can ever out run. Let this song encourage you to let Love overtake your heart.

Your Love is Everything is the second single off the You Are worship project. You Are is a dual partnership album between Sing Love and Northview Student Ministries. The record will consist of ten songs set to release in February of 2016.

Billy Webster – Bold Enough To Say

A rock opera about belief, skepticism, the questions we all ask, and the answers we all seek.

The Welcome Wagon – A Work Of Love In Progress

The Welcome Wagon presents “A Work of Love in Progress”, a sampling of songs that are being prepared for a full-length release in 2016. These songs are about the difficulty and possibility of loving and being loved by God, and the difficulty and possibility of loving and being loved by other human beings.

Adam’s Road – Immeasurable

“Immeasurable” is Adam’s Road’s eighth album, released in May of 2015. The album, like previous ones, proclaims the Word of God through song. The ministry was blessed to have a huge supporting cast of guest artists willing to use their talents for this project and God’s glory.

Cardiphonia – Hallel Psalms

“Hallel Psalms” is our sixth “crowd sourced” compilation. This collection of songs meditates on Psalms 113-118 often called the “Egyptian Hallel.” They were traditionally sung during passover, were sung by the disciples at the last supper, and make a fantastic set of texts to guide worship and devotion during Holy Week (March 25-30).

We hope that this album will be an encouragement to you as you seek to bring the psalms into your worship. We think this collection is a wonderful picture of the eclectic variety in which we can approach God’s ageless songbook. May you see and hear Jesus as you sing them.

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