Open Critics And Closed Critics

Greg Jones on taking criticism as a worship leader (from the different types of critics):

One essential thing I’ve learned to do with my critic is to determine if they are open or closed. I can quickly determine if a person is open simply by asking them WHY they hold their position. Open people use reason to support their positions. If a person is open, then they are the easiest to work with. Simply ask them their reasoning, give them your reasoning and both of you can see whose reasons ‘weigh’ more.

If the critic can’t give a reason, maybe when pressed you find them simply regurgitating their original criticism, then that critic is closed. Closed people draw conclusions often because of their own psychology, not because of reality. In this case, I will simply thank them for expressing their ‘concern’, make sure they know I love them and walk away. I may even have to inform them that we will have to agree to disagree but in that case, I will have to resist telling them why. You may have to employ ambiguity here. Fortunately, this can be easy to do because closed people don’t tend to go deep, they are often presumptuous. Therefore, you can say something ambiguous without betraying your integrity. One general example might be, “I’ll look into it.” This is honest, as you’ll see below, but it doesn’t plumb the depths.

Greg also shares a story that provides a perfect example of why so many complaints aren’t what they seem on the surface. Check it out here.

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