Worship Concert

Planning An Excellent Worship Night

Emily Monarrez shares three things you need to do to plan an excellent worship event:

When it comes to planning worship events the important things to do can come to mind pretty easily: i.e. the musicians you want to play, the set list you want to build, how you want to transition between songs. You can have meetings, and discuss stage lighting and directions for the congregation and band. All of these things can just be a given “duh” moment for the seasoned worship leaders out there. You may find yourself in virtual cruise control as you plan and rehearse for the next worship night. If so, then this may be the post for you to read.

Here are three important ideas that you can consider adding into your regularly scheduled to do list as you are preparing…

A night of worship usually doesn’t just happen. It takes tons of planning and work to do it well. Emily’s three steps are essential in that planning. Read the whole thing here.

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