Pragmatism, Practicality, And Paradigms

Jared Wilson talks about the foundational problems of an attractional church model (and some problems we’ve added):

But pragmatism and practicality aren’t the same thing. And neither is the attractional paradigm of “doing church” identical to wanting an attractive church.

There is something fundamentally wrong with the attractional church paradigm—biblically and therefore theologically—but these days I think there is a very real practical dysfunction in the “fog and lasers” and silly movie tie-ins and all the rest that people discipled within the system don’t even notice (any more). At its beginning, the attractional church (or “seeker church” or whatever you want to call it) was about getting people in the doors to then hear the gospel of Christ’s finished work. It was what we might call “the ol’ bait and switch.”

He explains the difference between being practical and being pragmatic when it comes to church paradigms. Check it out here. Good stuff.

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