Review: Creative Sheep Podcast Interview With Andy Chrisman

Creative Sheep Podcast sat down with Andy Chrisman to talk about seven disciplines a good worship leader or any leader should possess. Chrisman was most known for his days in the Christian band 4Him but is now serving as Worship Pastor at Church on the Move in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He discussed seven principles to becoming a better leader with Creative Sheep’s Jared Hogue that Chrisman had recently blogged about on his blog . To review the podcast, let’s first begin with a brief summary of what the interview said; here is a quick overview of the seven disciplines:

Chrisman has spent many years in both worship and the music industry and used his knowledge to help break down seven simple steps that will help anyone become a better leader; he speaks directly about worship leading, but the disciplines can be used to better any leader.

The seven disciplines are pray, read, talk, listen, struggle, serve, and rest. Some of these principles might seem a little obvious, but Chrisman encouraged any leader to remember that while they might seem obvious they are still important disciplines.

While discussing the important discipline of prayer, Chrisman reminded listeners that worship leaders must be ready musically for a service but also spiritually ready which can be achieved by talking to God and setting the heart right. Worship leaders should be in constant conversation with Christ, and prayer should be an important discipline in their lives.

The discipline of reading was not only to dig into the Bible and know God’s word but also to read other books such as books written by pastors or teachers, inspirational biographies, and any other books that might spark ones creativity or teach them spiritually. Talk and listen go hand in hand for any good leader. Chrisman urged leaders to not only talk critically but to listen well when receiving any criticism. He explained that his worship team uses the idea of a critique sandwich— in which one begins by giving praise, offering the critique, and then ending with praise. As a leader, one must not be solely discussing things in a critical and negative manner; leaders must be able to talk praises and positive aspects as well.

Struggle might stick out as a rather odd discipline to have as a worship leader, but Chrisman said that struggling is part of the process. “The way we grow is by struggling,” Chrisman explained. Struggling, and most importantly being open with ones struggling, was a way for the audience to see the real nature of the leader. Chrisman encouraged that people want to see real leaders’ not perfect leaders. He then explained that sometimes for worship leaders the struggle is leaving it all on the stage every time one leads worship. The last disciplines were serve and rest. Serving keep the leaders heart in the right place—on others not themselves. And rest is needed so that they do not get burned out. All leaders must rest and renew to start again.

All of these disciplines were great reminders for worship leaders—this podcast is full of encouraging advice from Chrisman. His years of wisdom allowed for great insight into the life of a worship leader and what that life should look like. While some of the disciplines may see obvious, many forget to integrate them into their daily life, and this is a great refresher for any leader. A worship leader’s heart should be focused on Christ; we should want to pray, read, and serve so that our talk and our listening ears reflect Christ himself. Most importantly, worship leaders need to remember that in the struggle there is growth and that every great leader struggles at times. It’s through those struggles that Christ moves and the leader grows.

Make sure to check out Creative Sheep’s podcast of their interview with Andy Chrisman for more good nuggets of wisdom and advice for becoming a better person—which then leads to better worship. Each listener will be encouraged by different parts of the interview because each leader is in a different place in their walk with Christ and their role as leader. While it is around 45 minutes long, the interview is worth every minute; soak up all the information that Chrisman shared during the interview. Chrisman did a great job helping leaders understand what might make them continue to grow and to be better. By giving the listeners seven practical steps or disciplines, it enabled the listeners to not just listen but put into action the advice he suggests. His blend of advice and examples from his own life serves as a engaging and personable voice to listen to. Share this podcast with any friend or leader – together we can better ourselves to then better our worship. Also, check out Creative Sheep’s other podcasts here.

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