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Secular Music In Worship

Is it right or wrong to use secular music in worship? Is there any wiggle room either way?

Travis Jeffords lists three reasons that his church will sometimes use secular songs during the worship service:

A few times a month during worship, after the preacher gives the benediction and as families are heading out the door, the worship team will close with a fun, upbeat, positive ‘secular’ pop song to send people on their way. Every once in a while we’ll even begin worship together with an upbeat secular song. Things like Uptown Funk and Happy by Pherell, or Uptight by Stevie Wonder.

This week I had a good friend of mine ask why we play secular songs in worship instead of just overtly sacred songs. Here’s what I told him…

Check out the whole post here.

One thought on “Secular Music In Worship”

  1. I get it. We checked out Saddleback Church’s streaming service and happened to catch it at the end, and wow… the band, the church… Rick Freaking Warren… and their outro music as people were milling and leaving the worship space was “Happy” by Pharrell.

    Not only was it “Happy” by Pharrell, it was the lead guitarist lead guitarist soloing over it – humbly, of course.

    So, back to this post – there is one word that comes to mind: Bandwagon. Rick did it, and now we can too . He found a way to keep people’s attention – in case talking about Jesus and amazing worship music ever fails to satisfy.

    Here’s the quandary. There’s always going to be the worship leader defending the sanctity of worship music, and then there’s going to be the person defending “fair.” The thing is the person defending fair is going to say that if are going to play Pharrell, then why not Iron Maiden? Why not Beyoncé or Miley? And all of a sudden you’re devoting copious amount of time during rehearsal trying to somehow justify that.

    It’s an hour, folks. Maybe an hour and 20 minutes based on what church you go to. It’s a time that is supposed to be focused, set apart, Holy, to the best of our ability to worship God.

    To those fighting for fair, how is it fair that by most standards in a week God only gets an hour of our time out of 6 days & 22 1/2 hours?

    Keep keeping it real worship leaders. If Rend Collective, Crowder, & Jesus Culture can’t fulfill, then it’s a relationship with Jesus that needs tweaking, not music style.

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