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Secular, Sacred, Physical, And Spiritual

Rich Kirkpatrick recently put up a fantastic post about what’s sacred, what’s secular, and whether it matters.

The whole piece is definitely worth your time to read, but this passage really hit me between the eyes:

If worship is everything than worship is nothing. We are always meant to be in a posture of worship through all we do, say, and think. But, is everything a “special” expression of that worship? When we come to the table and partake in communion, that surely is more than when I sit and have coffee with another person. Indeed, having coffee can still be a “sacramental” moment between your friends and God even tough that the venue is other than the communion table. To separate something as holy does not mean the other is not spiritual! It just means that it is not sacred. We can find and connect to our Creator in any setting. We can worship at any time and place because of the Holy Spirit in us. Sacred and secular are a both-and way of living. We learn to worship in both a time and place only for God and live out that worship everywhere else. The two are connected because we are in both places. In other words, let’s not erase a line that is useful. Just like some acts are only for marriage, should not some times, places, and acts only be for God?

In my other life as web designer/developer, I often have people telling me that everything should be on the first page of their website. But much like in Rich’s example, if everything is important, then nothing is important.

In the rest of the post, Rich shares some more thoughts about what sacred really means, especially when it comes to worship. Really interesting article. Read the whole thing here.

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