Settling For Less

Pamela Haddix on mud puddles, worship, settling, and ducks:

I recently finished reading Beth Moore’s excellent book, Believing God, and she describes this image while taking a routine morning walk: ”Four ducks were splashing in a mud puddle in the sidewalk while a large, pristine pond was just over a small hill. I stopped in my tracks and stared. I felt like God was saying to me, ‘Beth, that’s my church. My blood-bought, Spirit-promised church splashing in a mud puddle with a sea of living waters within her reach. Just on the other side.’”

What a powerful word picture! As I read that, I immediately thought of the same, sad comparison between what’s become the common ritual called worship in many of our lives today and authentic, Biblical worship.

Pamela’s full post discusses what we can do to keep from settling for less than God’s best for us in worship. Check it out here.

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