Six Problems With Worship Songwriting

Andrew Wilson on bad songwriting, poor song selections, and why we need to be careful with worship music:

So when I rant about songwriting, I’m not really ranting about songwriters, but about the pastoral carelessness, verging on negligence, shown by a fair few guardians of the church simply because someone is holding a guitar. For most modern charismatics and evangelicals, our hymnody is our liturgy – a problem which is the subject of a whole other post – and that makes thinking it through carefully extremely important.

That all sounds a bit nebulous, so let me highlight six particular bugbears, in the hope that nobody will apply all I have just said to any individual songwriter, worship leader or elder, but rather recognise a twinkle in the eye amidst the pokes in the eye.

Andrew goes on to list those six problems. As he admits, it’s a bit of a rant, but it’s a justified one. Read the whole thing here.

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