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Tell These Stories

Jed Smith explains an important aspect of worship leading that we often neglect:

There is one function of a worship leader many of us instinctively know, but often times we can’t find the language for it. Sometimes we know it, but the idea scares us and we shy away from it. Sometimes we just have no idea that this is part of leading worship.

The function I’m talking about is the function of storyteller. As a worship leader, our job is to tell the greatest stories there are to tell.

We can tell these stories in the songs we choose, but we can also frame the songs for our church so that it weaves into their story. A song about the greatness of God can have a very potent meaning for a church that has recently overcome adversity.

Jed lists four stories that every worship leader should be telling. Click here to read the whole post. Good stuff.

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