The Secret Ingredient In A Great Set

Doesn’t matter if it’s a worship set or a rock’n’roll show, there’s one element that will take it to another level. As Jed Smith writes:

First thing you need to know is that there are no short cuts. There is no magical pill that you or the other musicians at your church can take to become amazing at your craft, no matter how a blog post headline might read. It takes intentional practice in order to improve, it means identifying what you need to learn and spending the time learning it.

That being said, this one thing is what professional musicians of every genre give careful attention to, and what many volunteer church musicians often forget. The best part is this won’t take hours of practice to start implementing, it just takes a special awareness. You can start doing this now and it will take you and your band to the next level.

So what details do the pros use that make them sound like, well, pros? Dynamics.

Dynamics gives your set shape and variety, and Jed lists some great tips to improve the dynamics of your music. Check it out here.

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