Um, About Your Face…

Dan Wilt reminds us why it’s so important for the worship team to look like they’re actually enjoying themselves:

For 25 years I’ve gotten pushback on this one. “Why should we smile? It feels forced, or contrived. Besides, if I don’t feel like it, and I look up every once in awhile and do it, isn’t it disingenuous – or even creepy?”

No. It’s not disingenuous, contrived, or creepy. It’s leadership. It’s real. It’s community. It’s engagement. And looking up every once in awhile helps you in worship, as well as the congregation.

It especially helps all of us if, every once in awhile, you smile.

Worship leader, if you look like angry, impassive, or bored, what will you inspire in the congregation?

Dan also lists three things to help you break out your “pleasant face” while you lead worship.

Read the whole thing here. And share it with your team.

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