Weekend Links

Weekend Links

Worship leaders, pastors, and everyone serving this weekend: know that I’m praying for you! I pray that God will bless you and stretch you and use you to grow His kingdom and expand His family.

As usual, I found lots of great links this week that I wanted to share with you but that didn’t quite fit into a post. When you get a few minutes this weekend, check them out and be encouraged and challenged. Maybe even learn something. 🙂

Remember, these are just excerpts, but I strongly encourage you to click through and read each post in its entirety.

Russ Hutto explains why we need both wordy songs and simple songs in our worship catalogs:

In several places this week I’ve encountered discussions about the “wordiness” of modern worship music. Many of the folks engaged in the discussion were comparing and contrasting today’s songs to yesteryear’s more traditional songs.

What is confusing is that many of the folks who long to get back to a more traditional approach (for whatever reason) are looking back with rose colored glasses thinking that those songs were so much more theologically rich and less wordy than today’s songs.

Josh Blankenship a few scripture verses to inspire and encourage creativity:

The more we know God’s Word, the better we are as believers to create, teach and model Christ with our lives. That includes creativity. Those creative gifts you use week in and week out were given to you for a purpose. You were never meant to create useless works of art, instead God gave you those creative gifts to glorify Him and make a lasting impact for others… Today I wanted to share with you a few of my favorite Bible verses about creativity. Hopefully it will remind you of how important your creativity is.

David Jooste sent us a link to his newest single, “Amazing God,” and it’s pretty cool:

Jonathan Brewer let me know about a new series of worship gatherings in Wales:

A new initiative to encourage and facilitate Heart Of David Worship Awakening Gatherings in Wales. Our first one is end of the month. Also encourages prayer, networking, songwriting, collaboration among worship leaders and musicians, emphasises Oneness in Christ, working together, nurturing new songs and expressions of worship and creativity. Hoping vision will be caught and they’ll be great adventures in God.

You guys, Phil Keaggy is doing a Kickstarter for his next album. I’ve already donated. Check it out here:

I have been blessed to make music for over 40 years and record over 60 albums, and every one of those albums has had their own life and story.

Every music project I undertake is special and unique. Your responses to the songs are what keep me writing music and touring. I really appreciate all the likes and comments on Facebook, the followings on twitter and the visits to my website and your presence at the concerts.

The time is right to do an album with your input. I want to make an album you and I can both be a part of and look back on with great pride and affection.

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