Weird Instruments And God’s Glory

Aside from your standard guitar, bass, keyboard, and drums, I’ve led worship teams over the years that have included banjo, saxophone, violin, trumpet, mandolin, clarinet, harmonica, flute, and more. In fact, just a few weekends ago at a men’s retreat, I led worship with a ukulele for the first time. And I’m really glad to have had those experiences.

My favorite thing about a lot of these instruments is that they enabled me to include someone on the team who wouldn’t normally have the opportunity to play.

Laura Blankenship explain how and why you should add some different instruments to the guitar/bass/drums/keys lineup:

The world of instrumentation is vast and wide. Yet, our current church culture’s trend for worship, is a band set-up. It’s very common to see drums, a bass, keys, and a couple of guitars up on stage. But that doesn’t mean there’s not a place for some other fun instruments from time to time.

Let’s talk about how we, as worship leaders, can incorporate these other instruments intelligently, tastefully, and artistically.

Laura lists four things to keep in mind when adding non-standard instruments to your team. It’s great advice about a really fun topic. Read the whole thing here.

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