Why The Order Matters So Much

Jamie Brown explains why the order of our song selections matter more than we probably think:

Kindly, the worship leader had chosen opening songs that focused me upward. He helped me get my bearings on just who this God is that I’m singing to, and some of the countless reasons why he’s worthy of my worship.

This is good worship leading: it’s thinking through how to pastorally guide people, as distract-able and weary as we’re all prone to be, to behold again (and again, and again) the God who has revealed himself to us, principally in the person of Jesus Christ.

But all too often, worship leaders don’t begin at the beginning. Instead, they begin at the ending. And to make things clunkier, they end with the beginning.

Jamie’s story is a great example of how to craft a set and lead worship from a pastoral perspective instead of thinking like a musician. Nothing wrong with thinking like a musician – that’s important, too. But when it comes to leading worship, you have to build the set around what the congregation needs, not just what sounds cool.

Click here for the whole thing. Definitely worth your time to read.

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