Advent Roundup

Advent Roundup 1

With Advent underway and Christmas just around the corner, here are some resources for Advent that you may find helpful in your service planning and personal worship.

Jon Bloom shares some thoughts on “preparing Him room” as go through this season:

Suddenly, we find ourselves standing in what we somehow know is a small, ancient Palestinian village on an unusually starry night. The shapes and shadows of buildings look strange. The human and animal noises sound strange. The smoky scents of fire, foods, burning oils, and manure smell strange. The utter absence of electric lighting is strange. We reach for our smartphone. It’s dead.

Jim Hawkins lists five often overlooked blessings of the Advent season:

For many people, the Christmas season has already begun. This Friday is so-called Black Friday, when stores kick off their official Christmas sales and many people flock to malls, downtowns and shopping centers festooned with Yuletide decorations. Next week is Cyber Monday, when online retailers will have sales of their own and some online shoppers will be busy looking for deals. Television Christmas specials, school Christmas concerts, work-related Christmas parties and more Christmas events fill calendars for the next several weeks.

Yet in the midst of the rush, Advent beckons us to remember the blessings of this often overlooked season. While the blessings of Advent are numerous, this article will focus on five…

This was part of last week’s NoiseTrade Roundup, but it’s worth sharing again. Aaron Niequist is giving away four free Advent liturgies you can download from NoiseTrade:

A couple years ago, the Willow Creek worship leaders all got together to record four Advent liturgies for our church. The eight of us wanted to offer simple recordings to help people create holy space in their cars or homes during this very busy season. Maybe you need this holy space too. Available for free download right now on Noisetrade…

Kenny Lamm posted a huge list of Advent resources, including music and devotionals:

The purpose of this season of the church year is to look toward the coming of Christ to earth–a season focused on waiting. It is a time of preparing for the glory of Christmas day. Today, I want to share with you a few resources to help you in your celebration of Advent. Some will help you in your worship planning; others will help you in your church and family devotionals.

Worship Times has a nice list of Advent resources for worship planning:

Advent is upon us. You may be one of those super-prepared pastors who thought up Advent themes, scriptures, hymns and promotional materials in July, but in case you are (like many of us) still working to get Advent put together, we have brought back our list of Advent theme and worship resources for you. We looked at last year’s list, updated it and added some more. If you have a favorite go-to resource for Advent to add to our list, let us know!

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