Beyond Preference

If your ministry doesn’t have a solid foundation, then you’re just running things based on your own preferences. Greg Jones writes:

Because worship ministry deals with art, many people reduce it to personal preferences. And while there’s certainly nothing wrong with having artistic preferences, they might conflict with your church’s mission and calling. For instance, if your church is trying to reach traditionalists, constant requests to do contemporary worship songs (especially with guitars and drums) are not likely to fulfill that mission.

If we can find ways to objectify our worship ministries, we can mitigate the risks of feelings getting hurt, preserving relationships, serving the vision God has given us and cultivating an attitude of discerning the truth within the context of love. Objectifying our worship ministries is ultimately a loving way to lead. So what are some ways we can do this?

Greg shares five ways to be sure that your ministry isn’t just based on the stuff you like best. Check it out here.

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