Curation Is The Modern Hymnal

Adam Kurihara on hymnals, song selection, and careful curation:

My home church had a hymnal. As a curious child I would thumb through its pages during the sermon (it kept me sitting still) and was fascinated by the number of songs contained in this single book. In my hands were hundreds of songs, spanning centuries, many of which I didn’t know.

But the hymnal is changing. If your church is like mine, you might find yourself singing a 9th century hymn followed by a praise chorus written just last year, and everything in between. With sites like Hymnary, SongSelect, Textweek, Indelible Grace, and more, we are just a few clicks away from hundreds of song ideas, scripture texts, or sermon themes for a given week. With instant access to these resources, we live in one of the best times to be a worship leader, but infinite options can lead to decision paralysis. Like the kid in the candy shop, sometimes our job is to pick the best option over dozens of equally good options. How do we navigate the seemingly endless options and choose the right songs for our specific congregation, in each specific moment of the Christian year? In short, how do we discern?

Most of us do our own curation these days rather than relying on a hymnal or other outside resource. Great tips from Adam on how to manage this. Read the whole post here.

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