Dealing With Criticism

If you’ve been leading worship for any length of time, you know that there will never be a shortage of people with complaints. Chris Denning shares some tips on dealing with criticism as a worship leader:

No one like to be told they’re wrong or they suck. When most people think of critique and criticism, they think that they are being reprimanded or slammed. It is, however, something MUCH different.

Anything that has to do with art, including music, literature, dance, anything really, is subject to both critique and criticism. This includes leading worship. I believe that most Worship Leaders haven’t been coached on how to identify, handle, or even process critiques and criticism.

I want to take a few minutes to provide a framework for understanding critiques and criticism as well as some helpful tips for how to handle them as a worship leader.

His best piece of advice is about anonymous complaints: ignore them.

Read his whole post here. Good advice.

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